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IETA Emissions Trading Master Agreement

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Delivering Party’s Replacement Cost in a Nutshell

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Delivering Party’s Replacement Cost in all its glory

Delivering Party’s Replacement Cost” means in respect of a failure to accept (or secure acceptance of) a Transfer of a number of Allowances pursuant to Clause 12.2 (Failure to Accept) the positive difference if any between (i) the Allowance Price multiplied by the Default Quantity, and (ii) the price the Delivering Party, acting in a commercially reasonable manner, does or would receive in an arm’s length transaction for an equivalent quantity and Validity Period of Allowances to replace the Default Quantity; plus

(a) interest on the amount calculated in accordance with paragraph (a) above for the period from (and including) the Delivery Date to (but excluding) the date of termination at the rate specified in Clause 9.5(a) (Interest); plus
(b) the amount of such reasonable costs and expenses which the Delivering Party incurs in respect of the Default Quantity (including, without limitation, broker fees, commissions and legal fees).


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The same concept is covered, in a roundabout way, as follows in the different versions of the emissions trading documents:
ISDA: Delivering Party’s Replacement Cost
EFET: Seller’s Cover Costs
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See also “Receiving Party’s Replacement Costs” (ISDA and IETA) or Buyer’s Cover Costs (EFET) for the converse position.



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