Early Termination Date - 1992 ISDA Provision

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1992 ISDA Master Agreement
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Definition of Early Termination Date in a Nutshell

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Full text of Definition of Early Termination Date

Early Termination Date” means the date determined in accordance with Section 6(a) or 6(b)(iv).

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Content and comparisons

No change in the Early Termination Date definition from 1992 ISDA to 2002 ISDA (no real surprise there) but the close out methodology between the two versions, by which one works out what must be paid and by whom on an Early Termination Date, and which you are encouraged to follow in all its gory detail starting at Section 6(a), is really quite different, and notwithstanding the fact that the 2002 ISDA version was meant to address the many and varied complaints levelled by market practitioners at the 1992 ISDA we still find the 1992 version in use in the occasional market centred in unsophisticated rural backwaters like, oooh, I don’t know, New York.


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