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2002 ISDA Master Agreement

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English law in a Nutshell

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English law in all its glory

English law” means the law of England and Wales, and “English” will be construed accordingly.

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Events of Default: 5(a)(i) Failure to Pay or Deliver5(a)(ii) Breach of Agreement5(a)(iii) Credit Support Default5(a)(iv) Misrepresentation5(a)(v) Default Under Specified Transaction5(a)(vi) Cross Default5(a)(vii) Bankruptcy5(a)(viii) Merger without Assumption
Termination Events: 5(b)(i) Illegality5(b)(ii) Force Majeure Event5(b)(iii) Tax Event5(b)(iv) Tax Event Upon Merger5(b)(v) Credit Event Upon Merger5(b)(vi) Additional Termination Event

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Useful as a toggle in the Governing Law clause, and to default to Termination Currency if you have forgotten to provide one (its ... euro ... ouch ouch ouch can you imagine how UKIP must feel about that?), but not necessarily something that is going to move the world, even if the politicial and juridical subdivisions of what they used to call Albion are an utter Zodiac Mindwarp if you are careless enough to investigate them for a while. And no, Brexit means Brexit did not help.



Though there are some British Isles, seeing as they include the Republic of Ireland, there is no British law. Though there is a Great Britain — being the largest of the British Isles: the one with England, Scotland and Wales on it —there is no law of Great Britain. Though the political entity is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, there is no UK law. The Scots do their own thing. And let us not get into how the Anglo memeplex is represented in the world’s sporting tournaments.

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