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Myths and legends of the market, ISDA edition
The JC’s guide to the foundational mythology of the Aïessdiyé.™
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The Good Man, portrayed rather dramatically by Birgit von Sachsen-Rampton, with trusty clansmen Reg Margin and Vlad Paripasu. Nice fellas.
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The successor to the Children of the Woods, the first of the First Men, the prophet, the seer, who warned of the forthcoming apocalypse, and who is set up in mortal opposition to the Dark Lord of the Swaps. It was he who foresaw the damage of financial weapons of mass destruction, for example.

It was he who cast out from heaven the Dark Lord who even now, as he sleeps deep in the earth, makes his plans to plans to unleash his army of un-dead wight-walker zombie ISDAs, ready to reanimate and rally to the Dark Lord’s banner and rain apocalyptic hell on we errant descendants of the Good Man, who did not heed His warnings.

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