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In which the curmudgeonly old sod puts the world to rights.
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Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Requests? Insults? We’d love to 📧 hear from you.
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When we get round to it we are intending to do an occasional, irregular, elliptic, newsletter. Look: I know, newsletters, a bit like law firm thought leadership pieces and client alerts wind up unread, unloved, in the bowels of your spam folder, and we’re all inundated with more information than we possibly need, but it would make a crusty old buzzard’s day to have a little cohort of fellow contrarians signing on, and maybe every now and then even writing in, to complain about the Dilbert cartoon, report sightings of cuckoos and complain about the youth of today and their indolence.

We can make the following promises:

  • It won’t do this very often, because life is too short.
  • We will try to make it entertaining and enlightening.
  • It will be a bit tastier than the stuff that goes on LinkedIn
  • We will most likely fail
  • We won’t sell your data, mostly because there isn’t much of a market for 3 burner gmail addresses. But we won’t anyway.

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