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Murmuration /məːməːˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ (collective n.)
1. A group of legal eagles (or more particularly, legal sparrows)[1] from that ever-aspiring silver circle law firm, Simmons & Simmons. They flit around copying each other in a fashion that you would think would be counterproductive and prone to not really get you anywhere, but which looks impressive from a distance and in fairness does manage to avoid actively hitting things. Though it conjures a vision of unimaginative hive mind of drone-like workers, blindly following each other about without a plan let alone any grander sense of purpose or strategy— albeit as they do, yielding strangely beautiful, alien, but ultimately meaningless shapes — those in such a murmuration — each one we may call a “starling” — should not complain, seeing as the metaphor was their idea in the first place.
2. A large bunch of in-flight co-ordinating starlings.

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  1. I mean legal starlings. But I sort of don’t.