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The Adventures of Opco Boone, Legal Ace™

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They point to the committees, models, and risk monitoring devices His nemesis in this theory is his commanding officer, Sir Stuart Palmer, who encourages the team to embrace the technological devices and process that will replace seat-of-the-pants old style policing. Chatbots, Google glass, distributed ledgers, even though he is not really sure what any of those things are. He has a gift for the acronym, and a well developed sense of bluff. COO cautions him to stick to his remit. “Look after the pounds and the pennies take care of themselves.”

“But — ”

“I know, Opco, but that is not in within our mandate.”

“But — ”

“Opco.” A stridency, now, to her voice. Impatience. Dislike, even.

Opco gets up to go.

“Oh, one more thing. We have a new recruits into the department. I’d like you to be his buddy. Help him get acclimatised, oriented.

“since when did we have headcount?

“We don’t. It’s a secondment from the traffic unit.

“Who is it?”

The coo shuffled her papers awkwardly.


“It’s Graeber.”

Oh Jesus F. Christ! Why me?

“Get your account reconciliations in, Boone. We need them by Friday. You don’t want another disciplinary. Graeber can help you.

“Fat lot of good he’ll be.”

or, you know what.


“You know.”


Boone meets with Graeber, and explains the role. Netting compliance. Suggests he start with something easy like Luxembourg.