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The Adventures of Opco Boone, Legal Ace™
an artist’s impression yesterday.
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Eagle Squadron Commander Obadiah Cody “Opco” Boone, LL.B, Legal Ace, is the bumbling and politically inept hero of Hunter Barkley’s Opco Boone Adventure Series. Boone first appeared a wing-suit high above the Serengeti during a daring high-speed highjack of an operations a lorry full of dangerous KPIs in Where Legal Eagles Dare. He was the protagonist against the scheming Imelda Skanks in Opco Boone and the Taxonomy of Doom. Boone, played by French derivatives heart-throb Marc du Marquette, also featured in Muriel Repartee’s Fi-Fi classic MiFID 2: Reloaded.

Boone’s father was the made visionary Steerco Boone.

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