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1992 ISDA Master Agreement

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6(b)(i) in all its glory

6(b)(i) Notice. If a Termination Event occurs, an Affected Party will, promptly upon becoming aware of it, notify the other party, specifying the nature of that Termination Event and each Affected Transaction and will also give such other information about that Termination Event as the other party may reasonably require.

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Updated in 2002 with special pleadings relating to the newly-introduced Force Majeure Termination Event.



Note the difficulty of practical compliance with this provision, given a sizeable ISDA portfolio, and the requirement for actively monitoring not only standard Termination Events, but also Additional Termination Events, which may be counterparty or even Transaction-specific.

Be aware of the notices provision of the ISDA Master Agreement, especially if you’re using a 1992 ISDA and you were thinking of serving by emailNatWest Bank could tell you a thing or two about that, as this lengthy article explains — or if the world happens to be in the grip of madness, hysteria, pandemic or something equally improbable[1] like an alien invasion.

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  1. “The chances of anything coming from Mars were a million-to-one,” he said. Yet, still they came.