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IETA Emissions Trading Master Agreement

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PTA Quantity in a Nutshell

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PTA Quantity in all its glory

PTA Quantity” means, in relation to a Transaction and a Specified Period, the number of Period Traded Allowances that the Parties have agreed to Transfer and accept for that Transaction as specified in the relevant Confirmation.


See our natty emissions comparison table between the IETA, EFET and ISDA versions of emissions trading docs

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Emissions trading documentation

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IETA: IETA Master AgreementIETA WikitextIETA Nutshell (premium)
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Pro tip: for tons of information about EU ETS and EU financial services regulation see Michał Głowacki’s magnificent website.



The same broad concept is dealt with as follows:

The JC will call it, in any case the “Allowance Quantity”. This may confuse things further.



Whatever your documentation regime, you will need a means to designate how many Allowances you are planning to trade.

It ought not be a hard concept to label, and it should not differ from agreement to agreement but, for reasons best known to themselves, the three Carbon Squads could, ir did, not contrive a common terminology between them, even though they managed to in many other areas where you rather wish they hadn’t.

It is what it is; we quite like ISDA’s unusually colloquial “Number of Allowances”; EFET’s “Contract Quantity”, while a bit starchier, isn’t bad, but “PTA Quantity” borders on the perverse. What is this? A parent teacher association?

In any case, to make life easier for you, dear reader, in these pages, where the interests of doubt reduction recommend it, we might here and there refer generally to an “Allowance Quantity” meaning whichever of the above applies, and this will redirect to the correct term in each case.

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