Prime Brokerage Anatomy

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Prime Brokerage Anatomy

{{{2}}} There is no industry standard prime brokerage agreement, so this is not so much an anatomy as a collection of resources about an amorphous subject.
prime broker | prime brokerage agreement | synthetic prime brokerage | margin lending | custody asset | CASS Anatomy | reuse and rehypothecation | hedge funds | leveraged alpha | greeks | short selling
Classic PB trades: margin loan (physical long)stock loan (physical short)long swap (synthetic long)short swap (synthetic short)

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The home on earth for all things you need to know about prime brokerage. And some things you’d like to know — such as why a working knowledge of singer-songwriters is just as valuable as one of classics — and some things you might not, such as the kinds of people hedge fund managers like to hang out with. A good set of resources over to the right there (where else?).

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