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IETA Emissions Trading Master Agreement

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Administrator Event in a Nutshell

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Administrator Event in all its glory

Administrator Event” means the suspension of some or all of the processes of a Registry or the EUTL in accordance with the Registries Regulation by the National Administrator or the Central Administrator (as applicable) due to:
(a) a security breach or following reasonable suspicion of a breach of security which threatens the integrity of the registries system (including any back up facilities); or
(b) scheduled or emergency maintenance on the Registry; or
(c) the failure to operate and maintain the Registry in accordance with the Registries Regulation or any other applicable law.


See our natty emissions comparison table between the IETA, EFET and ISDA versions of emissions trading docs

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Emissions trading documentation

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Pro tip: for tons of information about EU ETS and EU financial services regulation see Michał Głowacki’s magnificent website.



The definition of Administrator Event is more or less the same in all three emissions trading documentation regimes. Compare:
ISDA: Administrator Event
IETA: Administrator Event
EFET: Administrator Event
In the ISDA EU Emissions Annex Administrator Event - has been updated in version 7 to contemplate linking to non-EU member state emissions trading schemes where contemplated by the EU Emissions delegated regulations. Expect the other versions to follow suit.



One of the things, along with a missing Registry Operation, that can prompt a Suspension Event. See our impassioned and, okay, possibly a little grumpy encomium to the shoddy drafting of the combined Carbon Squads in this regard in the Registry Operation page.

These are not the sorts of things that can affect “some but not all” of the Allowances in an account, so unless you are the sort of groover who warehouses your Allowances in Registries all around the EU, there being an event of this kind will put your whole Transaction into Suspension, not just part of it.

Note the ISDA version has added a fourth limb to deal with “linking agreements”, which the other versions may not yet have caught up with.

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