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Backpfeifengesicht /bakfʌɪf(ə)nɡɛsɪʃt/ (n.)
(German) One whose face seems in need of a punch. So; punchable. There’s one, right there, to the right. Look, I know it isn’t very modern, readers — we are in an age of safe spaces, respect for one another’s views however disingenuous, self-serving or patently absurd; we must mind the eggshell skulls of our snowflake friends. But, unfashionable though it may be to say so, there is a place for discriminate violence in the world, and if it finds an outlet slapping the chops of these sorts of men — a disproportionate number of whom can be found in financial services organisations, using expressions like “key takeaway”, “due dilly”, and saying “beverage” when they mean “drink” — then do not expect the JC to be joining any Extinction Rebellion sit-ins to complain about it.

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