Due dilly

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The person who says due dilly is ~ Backpfeifengesicht. He is also your silver bullet so, after you have slapped him, cherish him. Nurture him. Remember him in your prayers. If you are worried for his welfare, lob in an unsolicited 360 in the vain hope of pulling his average above the “utterly fails to meet any expectations” box into which those who run the force-rank curving tool will be desperately trying to stuff him.

Due Dilly Dally

My old man
Said “follow the van
But don't due dilly dally on the way”
Off went the deck with our slide packed in it,
I dialled in with me heart right in it.
But I dillied and dallied, dallied and dillied,
Skype playing up and don’t know where to roam.

Repeat ad lib.

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