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The JC gets all figurative

Soles of feet: yellow.
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“Did you know that, for a disguise, elephants paint the soles of their feet yellow, and hide upside-down in custard?”

Trouble me not with such nonsense.”
“But have you ever seen an elephant hiding upside-down in custard?”
“No —”

A large grey pachyderm, originally from Denmark[1], and known for painting either (a) the soles of its feet yellow, and/or (b) its toenails red, and hiding either (i) upside-down in custard; or (ii) in cherry trees; as the case may be. Also, one of four mythical beasts on whom the world, and the common law rests, and who in turn stand upon a stack of turtles.

A useful metaphor for railing ineffectually at wise counsel.

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