The Day of the MiFID

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Finance fiction at the movies™

The cinematic history of our mad world.

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UCTIS confronts Merisa Planasset in the film’s gruesome climax.

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2018’s schlocky B-movie directed by Muriel Repartee and starring Merisa Planasset and Buster Hagman.

The soundtrack, by rock ’n’ roll weirdos Dangerboy, featured the killer track Give Me My Plan(ass)et Back.


A war-like race of alien investment vehicles from the planet SICAV, led by evil emperor Uctis V the Magnificent, are collectively[1] bent on destroying Earth with their new hyper-weapon the K.I.I.D. DEATH RAY, a concentrated blast of pure Intelligent Beta generated from the essence of every market transaction ever traded.

At the conclusion of the movie, friendly chatbot named O.E.I.C. saves heroine Merisa Planasset from the ministrations of Uctis and his deadly K.I.I.D. Ray, while Doctor Hans Snarkoff, formerly of ISDA (played with characteristic flamboyance by Hagman), shrieks: “Oeic! Oeic! Uctis erisa ne rehypothecato!”[2]

Followed, seven years later, by MiFID 2: Reloaded.

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  1. Cough.
  2. The in-joke quotient on this page is off the charts.