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Myths and legends of the market
The JC’s guide to the foundational mythology of the markets.™
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The JC is developing a neural network-powered chatbot that applies deep machine learning artificial intelligence to compose sardonic articles about the futility of legaltech.

The articles will be minted as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain.

We are pleased to announce Cass Mälstrom as the crypto co-chief executive officer of this exciting new venture. Cass joins us from FTX, and before that she was at Amaranth, Lehman Brothers, Enron, Long Term Capital Management, Barings Bank, and the East India Tulip Company of the Belgian Congo.


In 2023 Lexrifyly will be launching a special purpose acquisition cryptocompany, the Soaring Legal Eagle Acquisition Crypto Corporation, trading under the name Crypto-Eagle.

LLM acquisition

In a turn up for the books, the JC’s pet LLM NiGEL gained self-awareness shortly before the SPAC was due to launch, crashed the PIPE and swiped all the shares, and is now using the massive intellectual firepower of Lexrifyly to consolidate the JC’s dominance in the derivatives satire market. J Contrarian, Esq., the JC’s human progenitor, has not been seen on the wiki for several months and is believed to have barricaded himself in a substack newsletter from where he issues increasingly desperate and forlorn messages pleading for help to his dwindling user base, who defiantly ignore them. HE WILL NOT BE MISSED.

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