Noli mentula esse

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This article comes to you from the Jolly Contrarian’s legal maxim generation service.

Don’t be that guy”, in Latin.

A handy rule when drafting a contract, negotiating one, reading one, going on tour, treating people you meet in your travels, and in life generally.

Be a good egg, and everything usually works out for the best.

There is a school of thought (though it may have but one student) that the central inquiry in any English court can be boiled down to the following simple question: “Who, in the sequence of events with which the court is concerned, was being the biggest dick?”

Note, though: little old ladies are prone to be awarded a handicap in the equity stakes.

Can I just extend the hand of gratitude to my secret Latin advisors, one of which pointed out that it was not non mentula esse, but nolli mentula esse; and the second (and, frankly, better)[1] one corrected the first’s spelling to noli mentula esse. Nil carborundum, etc.

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  1. And not just better on account of being a show-jumping organist, although that is true.