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Section 6.8. Futures Price Valuation. If “Futures Price Valuation” is specified as applicable in respect of an Index in the related Confirmation of an Index Transaction, then notwithstanding any other provisions of these Definitions the following provisions will apply to the valuation of that Index on a Valuation Date:

6.8(a) Valuation Date. For the purpose of this Section 6.8 only, “Valuation Date” shall mean a day on which the Official Settlement Price is published and, in all cases except for Section 6.8(e), irrespective of whether such day is a Disrupted Day.
6.8(b) Additional Definitions Relating to Futures Price Valuation.
6.8(b)(i) “Exchange-traded Contract” in relation to an Index means a contract specified as such for that Index in the related Confirmation. For this purpose, the parties shall specify the futures or options contract by reference to (A) the Index to which it relates, (B) the delivery month of such contract and (C) the exchange on which it is traded.
6.8(b)(ii) “Official Settlement Price” means the official settlement price (however described under the rules of the relevant Exchange or its clearing house) of any of the relevant Exchange-traded Contracts published by the Exchange or its clearing house.
6.8(c) Settlement Price and Final Price. For purposes of determining the Settlement Price or the Final Price, as the case may be, on a Valuation Date:
6.8(c)(i) in respect of an Index Transaction, the Settlement Price or the Final Price will be the Official Settlement Price on that Valuation Date; and
6.8(c)(ii) in respect of an Index Basket Transaction, the Settlement Price or the Final Price will be determined as otherwise provided in these Definitions, provided, however, that in relation to each Index for which Futures Price Valuation is applicable, the Relevant Price will be the Official Settlement Price (weighted or adjusted in relation to that Index as provided in the related Confirmation) on that Valuation Date.
6.8(d) Adjustments of the Exchange-traded Contract. Without duplication of Section 11.1 (which shall govern in the event of any conflict), in the event that the terms of the Exchange-traded Contract are changed or modified by the Exchange, the Calculation Agent shall, if necessary, adjust one or more of the Strike Price, the Number of Options, the Initial Price, the Forward Price, the Forward Floor Price, the Forward Cap Price, the Knock-in Price, the Knock-out Price and/or any other variable relevant to the settlement terms of the Transaction to preserve for each party the economic equivalent of any payment or payments (assuming satisfaction of each applicable condition precedent) by the parties in respect of the Transaction that would have been required after the date of such change.
6.8(e) Non-Commencement or Discontinuance of the Exchange-traded Contract. If there is no Official Settlement Price as a result of the fact that trading in the Exchange-traded Contract never commences or is permanently discontinued at any time on or prior to a Valuation Date, the Official Settlement Price for that Valuation Date shall be deemed to be the level of the relevant Index at the close of the regular trading session on the relevant Exchange on the Valuation Date. If this Section 6.8(e) applies, then the Expiration Date, in respect of an Option Transaction, or the relevant Valuation Date, in respect of a Forward Transaction or an Equity Swap Transaction, shall mean the date that, but for the non-commencement or permanent discontinuance of the Exchange-traded Contract, would have been the date of publishing the relevant Official Settlement Price unless such day is a Disrupted Day, in which case the provisions of Sections 3.1(f) or 6.6, as applicable, will apply.
6.8(f) Corrections of the Official Settlement Price. If the Official Settlement Price for any Valuation Date is corrected and the correction is published by the relevant exchange within one Settlement Cycle for the related Exchange-traded Contract after the original publication, either party may notify the other party of that correction and the Calculation Agent will determine the amount that is payable as a result of that correction and, to the extent necessary, will adjust the terms of such Transaction to account for such correction.