Uctis the Magnificent

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Myths and legends of the market
The JC’s guide to the foundational mythology of the markets.™
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Uctis and his K.I.I.D. ray. (von Sachsen-Rampton, 1951)
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Uctis (to give him his full title, Uctis V the Magnificent) was the leader of a warlike race of aliens from the planet SICAV who are collectively[1] bent on destroying Earth with a barrage of K.I.I.D. death rays constructed from pure essence of regulated retail investment fund.

Uctis, portrayed by Buster Hagman, was the main antagonist in the 1953 sci-fi movie The Day of the MiFID.

Named for the historical figure of the same name, an exciled Berber warrior who allegedly schooled Vlad Paripasu, of the celebrated First Men.

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  1. Do you see what I did there? COME ON!