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2002 ISDA Master Agreement
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2002 ISDA Master Agreement



will enter into “Transactions” governed by this Agreement, the Schedule, and a Confirmation. This Agreement and the Schedule together comprise the “Master Agreement”.

The parties agree as follows:―

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2002 ISDA Master Agreement



have entered and/or anticipate entering into one or more transactions (each a “Transaction”) that are or will be governed by this 2002 Master Agreement, which includes the schedule (the “Schedule”), and the documents and other confirming evidence (each a “Confirmation”) exchanged between the parties or otherwise effective for the purpose of confirming or evidencing those Transactions. This 2002 Master Agreement and the Schedule are together referred to as this “Master Agreement”.

Accordingly, the parties agree as follows:―

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Is the confirmation the binding legal agreement, or is it the oral communication between the traders? Before you answer, consider the Entire Agreement clause, and its traditionally understood impact on parol evidence.