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Jolly Contrarianism & Devilish Advocacy

But seriously read this bit

If you wanted to help

Now the Jolly Contrarian doesn’t advertise, and he doesn’t earn anything from this site, and that’s just fine – it’s a labour of love (and resignation) of which you are welcome to make what you will. But if you have found something you like, and you were minded to say thanks, do it this way: donate to Georgia’s Fund. Or you could snag yourself a copy of Hunter Barkley’s e-book The Montenegro Sanction. That way you get yourself a free book with a stupid but fast-paced story and you donate to Georgia’s Fund at the same time. Bonus.


Georgia’s Fund

Georgia was a brave, talented, beautiful little girl. She had a lovely smile which she wore through a whole lot of hardship. She was a great little cricketer, and she was mad about animals. Especially wolves. In October 2016 Georgia was taken away from her mum, dad and big brother, and they – and all of us in the family’s wider community – miss her terribly.

Georgia’s mum and dad have set up a fund in Georgia’s memory, which, as of what would have been Georgia’s 17th birthday in 2021, had raised around £200,000 to support research into better treatments for Neuroblastoma (through Children with Cancer UK and Neuroblastoma UK. A small portion will go to looking after wolves.

Cricket can look after itself.

The good news is that the fund is now formally registered as a charitable fund (UK charity no. 1099682), so is eligible for gift aid and all that jazz.

You can now donate easily by clicking right here.

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There is a Jolly Contrarian in all of us. You, me, him, her — each of us has our inner daemon, a creative destroyer, ein glücklich widersprüchlichmensch who takes over in weaker moments, when our resolve cracks and the absurdity of our professional existence reveals itself. “Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein”

Yes, the page Zarathustra redirects here. That was a joke. This is the beauty of it being my site: I can say what, and pretend to be who, I like.

If only we would let it out more often.

Then there is the Jolly Contrarian. He is a charlatan, simpleton, knave and prone to bouts of inappropriate levity. When not speaking half-truths to the disempowered he writes this wiki. He has a long-suffering spouse who may or may not be Prussian nobility. Not, most likely. But you wouldn’t know that by how she carries on.

Who is the JC?

The mild-mannered penry, in his day-job as acting deputy associate general assistant at Wickliffe Hampton Securites Inc.

Well, after ten years I my spouse told me I should at least own up to who I am, but bugger that: you may know me as Mild-mannered Penry. I am second in charge of checking that the firm’s name is spelled correctly on the football team at Wickliffe Hampton Securities Inc., London Branch, and I have fifteen years’ experience negotiating all kinds of boilerplate.

The Jolly Contrarian started out life in 2012, as “AmwellClear”, as a fun way way of remembering the difference between Loss, Market Quotations, Close Out Amounts and Unpaid Amounts and just kept growing.

SEO folk: before you write to offer tips on how to differentiate the JC from its competition, remember: when you write satire about derivatives THERE IS NO GODDAMN COMPETITION.