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2018 Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (Pledge Version)
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Clause 6 in a Nutshell

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Full text of Clause 6

6 Distributions and Corporate Actions

6.1 Manufactured payments in respect of Loaned Securities: :Where the term of a Loan extends over an Income Record Date in respect of any Loaned Securities or an Income Record Date in respect of any such Securities occurs after the end of the term of the relevant Loan but before Equivalent Securities have been delivered to Lender, Borrower shall, on the date such Income is paid by the issuer, or on such other date as the Parties may from time to time agree, pay or deliver to Lender such sum of money or property as is agreed between the Parties or, failing such agreement, a sum of money or property Equivalent to (and in the same currency as) the type and amount of such Income that would be received by Lender (after any applicable withholding or deduction for or on account of Tax) in respect of such Loaned Securities assuming such Securities were not loaned to Borrower and were retained by Lender on the Income Record Date.
6.2 Income in the form of Securities: Where Income, in the form of Securities, is paid in relation to any Loaned Securities, such Securities shall be added to such Loaned Securities (and shall constitute Loaned Securities and be part of the relevant Loan) and will not be delivered to Lender until the end of the relevant Loan, provided that Lender fulfils its obligations under paragraph 5.3 with respect to the additional Loaned Securities.
6.3 Exercise of voting rights: Where any voting rights fall to be exercised in relation to any Loaned Securities, Borrower shall have no obligation to arrange for voting rights of that kind to be exercised in accordance with the instructions of Lender in relation to the Securities borrowed by it, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

6.4 Corporate actions: Where, in respect of any Loaned Securities, any rights relating to conversion, sub-division, consolidation, pre-emption, rights arising under a takeover offer, rights to receive Securities or a certificate which may at a future date be exchanged for Securities or other rights, including those requiring election by the holder for the time being of such Securities, become exercisable prior to the Delivery of Equivalent Securities, then Lender may, within a reasonable time before the latest time for the exercise of the right or option give written notice to Borrower that on Delivery of Equivalent Securities it wishes to receive Equivalent Securities in such form as will arise if the right is exercised or, in the case of a right which may be exercised in more than one manner, is exercised as is specified in such written notice.

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