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2018 Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (Pledge Version)
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Clause Equivalent in a Nutshell
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Full text of Clause Equivalent

Equivalent or equivalent to in relation to any Loaned Securities provided under this Agreement means Securities or other property, of an identical type, nominal value, description and amount to particular Loaned Securities so provided. If and to the extent that such Loaned Securities consists of Securities that are partly paid or have been converted, subdivided, consolidated, made the subject of a takeover, rights of pre-emption, rights to receive securities or a certificate which may at a future date be exchanged for Securities, the expression shall include such Securities or other assets to which Lender is entitled following the occurrence of the relevant event, and, if appropriate, the giving of the relevant notice in accordance with paragraph 6.4 and provided that Lender has paid to Borrower all and any sums due in respect thereof. In the event that such Loaned Securities have been redeemed, are partly paid, are the subject of a capitalisation issue or are subject to an event similar to any of the foregoing events described in this paragraph, the expression shall have the following meanings:

(a) in the case of redemption, a sum of money equivalent to the proceeds of the redemption;
(b) in the case of a call on partly-paid Securities, Securities equivalent to the relevant Loaned Securities, provided that Lender shall have paid Borrower, an amount of money equal to the sum due in respect of the call;
(c) in the case of a capitalisation issue, Securities equivalent to the relevant Loaned Securities together with the securities allotted by way of bonus thereon;
(d) in the case of any event similar to any of the foregoing events described in this paragraph, Securities equivalent to the Loaned Securities together with or replaced by a sum of money or Securities or other property equivalent to that received in respect of such Loaned Securities, resulting from such event;

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More or less identical to the corresponding provision (Equivalent) in the 2010 GMSLA, only there are none of the tedious references to “or Equivalent Collateral (as the case may be)”, since Collateral under the 2018 Pledge GMSLA is not title-transferred in the first place.