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GMSLA Anatomy

In a Nutshell Clause 10.1(d):

10.1(d) Act of Insolvency: An Act of Insolvency occurring to Lender or Borrower. If Automatic Early Termination applies, if anyone presents a winding up petition or appoints a liquidator, it will be an Automatic Early Termination and the Non Defaulting Party need not serve written notice.
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2010 GMSLA full text of Clause 10.1(d):

10.1(d) an Act of Insolvency occurring with respect to Lender or Borrower, provided that, where the Parties have specified in paragraph 5 of the Schedule that Automatic Early Termination shall apply, an Act of Insolvency which is the presentation of a petition for winding up or any analogous proceeding or the appointment of a liquidator or analogous officer of the Defaulting Party shall not require the Non Defaulting Party to serve written notice on the Defaulting Party (Automatic Early Termination);
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For which you will need the definition of Act of Insolvency, which is not quite the same as the definition of Bankruptcy in the ISDA Master Agreement. I suspect this was just a matter of professional pride for ISLA.

Act of Insolvency means in relation to either Party:

(a) its making a general assignment for the benefit of, or entering into a reorganisation, arrangement, or composition with creditors; or
(b) its stating in writing that it is unable to pay its debts as they become due; or
(c) its seeking, consenting to or acquiescing in the appointment of any trustee, administrator, receiver or liquidator or analogous officer of it or any material part of its property; or
(d) the presentation or filing of a petition in respect of it (other than by the other Party to this Agreement in respect of any obligation under this Agreement) in any court or before any agency alleging or for the bankruptcy, winding up or insolvency of such Party (or any analogous proceeding) or seeking any reorganisation, arrangement, composition, re adjustment, administration, liquidation, dissolution or similar relief under any present or future statute, law or regulation, such petition not having been stayed or dismissed within 30 days of its filing (except in the case of a petition for winding-up or any analogous proceeding in respect of which no such 30 day period shall apply); or
(e) the appointment of a receiver, administrator, liquidator or trustee or analogous officer of such Party over all or any material part of such Party’s property; or
(f) the convening of any meeting of its creditors for the purpose of considering a voluntary arrangement as referred to in Section 3 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (or any analogous proceeding);