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1992 ISDA Master Agreement

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Unpaid Amounts in a Nutshell

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Unpaid Amounts in all its glory

Unpaid Amounts” owing to any party means, with respect to an Early Termination Date, the aggregate of
(a) in respect of all Terminated Transactions, the amounts that became payable (or that would have become payable but for Section 2(a)(iii)) to such party under Section 2(a)(i) on or prior to such Early Termination Date and which remain unpaid as at such Early Termination Date and
(b) in respect of each Terminated Transaction, for each obligation under Section 2(a)(i) which was (or would have been but for Section 2(a)(iii)) required to be settled by delivery to such party on or prior to such Early Termination Date and which has not been so settled as at such Early Termination Date, an amount equal to the fair market value of that which was (or would have been) required to be delivered as of the originally scheduled date for delivery,

in each case together with (to the extent permitted under applicable law) interest, in the currency of such amounts, from (and including) the date such amounts or obligations were or would have been required to have been paid or performed to (but excluding) such Early Termination Date, at the Applicable Rate. Such amounts of interest will be calculated on the basis of daily compounding and the actual number of days elapsed. The fair market value of any obligation referred to in clause (b) above shall be reasonably determined by the party obliged to make the determination under Section 6(e) or, if each party is so obliged, it shall be the average of the Termination Currency Equivalents of the fair market values reasonably determined by both parties.

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You may want to know where Unpaid Amounts feature in the ISDA Master Agreement. The answer: In Payments on Early Termination: Section 6(e)(i) (for Events of Default) and 6(e)(ii) (for Termination Events).

Spoddy point for old-fashioned 1992 ISDA hipster types: if “Loss” is your chosen means of close-out valuation, the concept of Unpaid Amounts is more or less factored into the definition of Loss:

Loss includes losses and costs (or gains) in respect of any payment or delivery required to have been made (assuming satisfaction of each applicable condition precedent) on or before the relevant Early Termination Date and not made, except, so as to avoid duplication, if Section 6(e)(i)(1) or (3) or 6(e)(ii)(2)(A) applies...

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