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The contrarian in all of us
The Jالی Contrarian
“In Basic, I am told, you cannot make a meaningless statement without its being apparent that it is meaningless—which is quite enough to explain why so many schoolmasters, editors, politicians and literary critics object to it.” — George Orwell

A stroll through the brambles of law, management, philosophy, language, technology, cricket and high finance. Like a good alluvial fan, everything is silting up nicely and there are now 3,840 articles in this wiki.

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What’s in here

Anatomies: Clause-by-clause Anatomy and nutshell guides (hit the bar on the left) to ISDA and other master trading agreements. These may be incomplete, out of date, out of touch, flippant — well, they are flippant — but will still be better value and more entertaining than that awful FT book about derivatives;
Book reviews culled from twenty indolent years sounding off on Amazon;
Much flippancy about plain English, buzzwords, technology, negotiation, flannel, Latin, Greek, metaphor and eggs.
A new section on the odd political situation in New Zealand in 1982. (Why? — long story, really.)

What’s new

The Jolly Contrarian Blog: A tentative dip into the tepid waters of audience engagement. Newsletters. Surveys. That kind of thing. The seven wastes of negotiation: Imagine your ISDA was a Toyota Corolla, and it all starts making sense.
Sticking a Cross Default in the GMSLA: Good idea, right? Or — yeah, not so much.
Confi Anatomy: It may be the most pointless contract you'll ever negotiate, but doesn’t mean it can’t get tasty. Having an NDA smackdown? We've got you covered.
New Anatomy™ guides: Pledge GMSLA | Negotiation | Conference calls

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